Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prin Today - The big Puppy?

This is Prin today.  She's a big puppy, if ever you saw one! She is very smart. Maybe too smart! We started calling her "Baby Knothead". We have to remind ourselves that she is only a year and a half old. Her biggest problem is being strong-willed, not following commands, stealing cat food, and chewing things like the hot tub cover or the handle on the easy chair. If she thinks I am going to get up and scold her, she will snap to and do what I want instantly, otherwise, she will keep an eye on me and continue in her bad ways. Sneaky, too!  She will come and look to see if we're busy and then go steal cat food. She is about 60 lbs., 2 feet high at the shoulder, and sets 32 inches to the top of her ears! Our other traveling companions are "Charles" the cat and a wild dog named "Sugar". More about them later.