Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Roy Doing?

Have you ever wondered how a camper was put together? Below is a peek into the wall. There's the outdoor siding, 2"x2" studs, insulation, and the inside paneling. Sometime during the 16 years that we've had our camper, a water leak developed into the interior wall. Roy has tried to seal it with silicone caulking several times, but the water has managed to continue to damage the walls. The damaged area you're seeing in the picture is just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. Roy will be replacing the side wall by the door and the front wall from the base of the overhead cabinets to down behind the couch! Depending on how the interior wall looks behind the cabinets they may need to come out, too! We hope not.

When not gearing-up to take on the big camper project, Roy is reading a wonderful book series about elves, druids, monsters, and more! The author is Terry Brooks and the first book in the series is called, First King of Shannara.

Last night he made a wonderful meso soup and sushi dinner!!!