Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kitchen Improvement

This is a belated posting as Roy actually made the change to the kitchen cabinet below before leaving Michigan. I was waiting to blog the change until the rest of the cabinet was re-stained. Since we're soon to be moving-on, and we're getting further from the time in which the project was done, I figured I better post this cool improvement now.

The nook in the cabinet with the spindle railing is how the cabinet originally came. The nook is 2 inches deep to the railing. It seemed never to be good for anything, but collecting junk. Spices didn't comfortably come out over the rail, and looked messy, too.

Roy built a long cabinet door with an attached inner shelf that tilts the spices out with it when opened. He plans to touch-up the faded stain on the rest of the cabinet.

Here's our new spice drawer! It's a great improvement! It utilizes the space well, rids all of these bottles from our other cabinets, is handy to the stove, and looks nice!