Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold Snap

December 5th-8th Campbellsville's temperatures have dropped into the teens at night and are only warming into the low 30s during the day. Tomorrow it's back into the 40s and cooling only into the high 20s to low 30s at night. We've gotten a few dustings of snow, but it is gone by early afternoon.

With a predicted low of 15, Roy decided to wrap the water hose with insulation. The water spigot is below ground level, so he stuffed a pillow over the spigot for freeze protection. We've left a small stream of cold water running in the sink. Our water has faired well, until this morning (day 4 of the cold snap). Our cold water was fine, but the hot water pipe froze! The answer to that mystery is that the water in the hot water pipes is only hot when running. I didn't know that. Roy was able to fix it fairly quickly.

We have been staying toasty using just a couple of small ceramic heaters. The ones that have a thermostat are nice for setting a temperature and leaving them to do their job. They are reported to be very safe. These little units are under $20. Having an electric blanket is also great for staying snuggly warm during cold nights.

It's time to get out of here and get further south! We're told that December 23rd, when the Workkamper's Amazon job comes to an end, a phenomenon occurs called, "The Parade of Lights". We're told it's about 5 miles of camper lights heading south!!! We're looking forward to being in the parade!