Monday, November 21, 2011

Pecan Street Brewery

The Pecan Street Brewing Pub & Restaurant in Johnson City had its grand opening August 27th. It is the newest brewery in Hill Country.

As you walk through the front doors, you enter a spacious room with the bar and brewery to the right, and lots and lots of tables. The atmosphere is casual with beer, burgers, and pizza as the main fare. There is free wi-fi, pool, darts, and live music Friday and Saturday nights.

Through the back door of the main restaurant is an attached Quonset Hut where the live music is performed. Food is also served there, but the atmosphere is so laid back that a person could go weekends just for a beer and a show! On Fridays the RV park has planned outings. The diners pictured are from the park. Check out the huge ceiling fan.