Friday, January 20, 2012

The Old Mission

This interesting building is located on Hwy 281 just north of the Hwy 290 intersection heading towards Johnson City. It didn't seem to be identified by a sign, and it isn't open for the public to drive up to. We guessed that it might be an old mission or possibly was associated with an obsolete vineyard.

It turns out that this structure isn't an old anything, but is a new vacation rental home that just opened for business! It is called, Lighthouse Hill Ranch. This 86' tall, four floor structure sits atop a 200' hill and provides a view for 50 miles! The ranch is 1,640 acres, and has two other smaller rental homes available. This picture and the ones following are from the Lighthouse Hill Ranch website.

This home rents for $590 a night for 2 people. There is a two night minimum.

The house comfortably sleeps 9, but can accomodate 15 with the use of couches. Each additional person adds to the rental rate.

To see more pictures of this home or the other rentals located on the ranch visit their website: .