Monday, May 21, 2012

The Exotic Resort Zoo

Roy and I recently visited The Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City, Texas.  The term zoo doesn't do justice to this 135 acre animal park in which the animals roam relatively free.  Half of the animals in the park were at one time on the endangered species list and near extinction.  Fortunately, because of zoos and animal parks like The Exotic Resort Zoo many are multiplying and will be around for future generations to enjoy.  Check out their website by going to our links.  The animal park has 5 rental cabins located out where the animals roam, but within a fenced area.  Wouldn't that be a fun place to stay!   
Open air trollies take visitors on a tour through the park for a fee of $12.95 per adult.  Large buckets of animal feed can be purchased for $6.00.  Checking out the previous tour for the best location to be on the trolley, I chose the back corner.  When this camel came running and extended its head high over my shoulder into the trolley,  I happily gave up my spot for one further in!
Although there was a tour guide telling about the animals, in the excitement of feeding and taking pictures I heard very little!  Roy fed the animals from his hands, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
This ostrich was beautiful at a distance, but up close it definitely gave a sense of how large and fierce it could be in protecting itself.
Often as the trolley moved on, the animals would chase it a short ways.
Notice the Llama and deer that chased the trolley patiently waiting for seconds!
I  enjoyed watching this woman with her grandson.
This little girl may be destined to be a vet or zoo keeper someday.  She obviously loved all the animals and wasn't at all intimidated by them.  She hugged as many animals as she could calling them all Fuzzy Head.
All these baby Emus running for the trolley was quite a sight!  Note that all the babies seem to be about the same age.  The tour guide said that Emus share mothering duties and will sometimes leave their young in the care of a nanny.
Here's a mix!
Big deer!  Reindeer?  Magnificent up close!
I love this picture!  Roy and this guy seemed to instantly bond!  I think it is a white Reindeer.
Educationally a spot on the trolley near the tour guide might have been beneficial.  I don't know what this animal is, but it didn't lessen my enjoyment of seeing it any!
Do you see the little legs and ears next to one of the Zebras?  
Here's what the little legs and ears belong to.  Awwww!  Isn't it cute?!
I loved the tour!
To top off a great tour, everyone was free to wander at their leisure through a great little petting area!