Wednesday, June 6, 2012

El Agave

Roy and I recently went to a new Mexican restaurant in town called El Agave.  Tempted by the exotic, I tried fish and shrimp fajitas with Mango tea. Both were excellent!  Roy was glad I shared!

To top off our new restaurant experience I wanted to broaden our understanding of Spanish by doing an online translation of El Agave. I was surprised to learn that El Agave means The Agave! What! That can't be right! Agave is English? By Jove! The English Merriam-Webster dictionary states that an agave (pronounced with long e) is any of a genus of plants having spiny-margined leaves and flowers in tall spreading panicles. There are 700 species. The Blue Agave is used to produce tequilla.

Look around your home. You may have an Agave living with you!