Thursday, July 5, 2012

Simple, But Effective

In Texas Hill Country, there are a lot of events that happen regularly once a week or once a month.  Because of the multitude of events, and the scatter of event dates for the area communities, it is hard to maintain on ones mental calendar.  As a person gets busy with their activities at home, it is easy to keep pushing these regularly scheduled events aside, as something to do later.  Next thing you know your time in an area has come to an end, and the events were never attended.  As simple a concept as this is, it has taken me awhile to figure out that any event you want to attend needs to go on the calendar!  If attending the event gets pushed aside because you know it's coming around next week or month, then repost it on the calendar for that date.  Pushed aside again?  Repost for the next available date.  It's very easy to be apathetic about attending an event that seems readily available in the future.  Having it on the calendar marks it as an event with a planned attendance date.  Since following through with putting activities on the calendar and moving them ahead, as many times as it takes for us to get there, we have checked off several local events.  Pictured is a monthly car show gathering in Johnson City.  Other activities with once a week or once a month schedules are art walks, wine tasting, market days, tours, theater performances, music performances, and various presentations.  I hope this simple plan helps you get to events that you think you'd enjoy, but just never seem to get around to!