Friday, November 30, 2012

Ann M. House, Author

We lived next door to Ann and her husband, Bob, for approximately a year while in Johnson City, Texas.  She would occasionally mention that she and a co-writer were working on writing a romance series.  The first in the series is That Carrington Magic.  It was written by Karen E. Rigley and has been published. 
Ann and Karen collaborated on the second book in the series, Wild West Cupid.  It came out in paperback October 12, 2012.  During Ann and Bob's November stay in Alpine, she received a box of the books.  I am super pleased to have been presented a copy of it to read!  Wild West Cupid, is set in West Texas between Alpine and Terlingua.  What a great experience to get to read it while in that area!  While I'm not typically a romance novel reader, I was hooked on the story by page three and by a third of the way into the book was already eagerly anticipating reading more of Ann's novels.  I found myself enveloped by the location and romantic relationship between a career woman and a West Texas rancher.  The dialogue flowed easily developing the characters personalities and relationship!  I highly recommend reading Wild West Cupid!   

The third book in the series is Highway to Love.  Given that steamy book cover, I've got to pick-up a copy soon!  This romance is set in New Mexico.  Although the books are a series, each stands on its own.  The fourth book in the series is Renegade Moon.  It will be released for ebooks March 20th and in paperback in May.  All these books and more by Ann and Karen are available online at: