Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oasis Of The Texas Hill Country

After a great deal of researching the Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico areas, we finally found an affordable r.v. park with most amenities and good ratings.  For anyone with a conservative budget wanting to be close to those communities, we would recommend Cottonwood RV Park in Espanola.  It is 23 miles from Santa Fe and 45 miles from Taos.  The park is $350 per month plus electric at 19 cents per kilowatt.  They mention having a current special rate of $300 per month.  That helps take some of the sting out of the high cost of the electricity.  They have free wi-fi that's reported to be good, but no cable t.v..  The manager stated that it isn't for not trying!  Cable t.v. is apparently unavailable to their location.  Espanola is at an elevation of 5,200 feet.
Since being in Alamogordo the last two months, Roy and I have become increasingly aware of the intense heat and dryness of what we've termed deep desert!  Remember the cartoons with a cowboy crawling across the desert crying, waaater, waaaaater!  Well, that's how Roy and I are feeling.  There isn't any water anywhere and we are drying to a crisp!  We thought back through our travels and realize we've been in the deep desert for 9 months!  We're not novices to desert living, as we lived in the high desert of Idaho for 8 years.  We've just never experienced desert this dry or hot!  We're ready to make our escape!  We've changed our plans to spend the Winter in Arizona this year and instead have decided to give the coast of Texas a try!  We've decided we also need a break from the 11 months we've been on the run like tourists, so have decided to skip Santa Fe and Taos until next Spring.  We have decided to head to a place that captivated us for 18 months, The Oasis of Texas Hill Country!  That is the slogan for Miller Creek RV Resort in Johnson City, Texas.  We didn't appreciate the title until now!  There are lots of swimming holes nearby that we had researched when we were there before, but didn't go to.  They will be our focus this time!  Ahhh, just to lay in the water awhile!  Miller Creek is pictured above.  We look forward to not having to intensely research, plan, or budget for awhile.  Being together with good friends again will be great!  For our fellow travelers that may be in the area, give Miller Creek RV Resort a try, and let us know you're there.  There are activities for nearly every day of the week and great people for socializing with!  If that isn't enough, there is a massage therapist on location, a tanning bed, hot tub, and exercise room.  It's truly more than an r.v. park, it's a resort!  The rates are very reasonable.  Our estimated stay is August 1st through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas.  If you haven't seen Johnson City at Christmas, it's worth the drive to experience it!