Friday, September 12, 2014

Arizona Time

Arizona is said to have the weirdest time system in the nation!  It is technically classified as being on Mountain Time, but if you set your clock to Mountain Time without knowing that the state of Arizona does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time you may or may not be setting your clock correctly depending on the time of year!  To further complicate things, some areas of Arizona observes DST and some don’t!  Let’s discuss the time in general first and then the exceptions to the rule by location.  As stated earlier Arizona is technically Mountain Time, so when Daylight Savings Time isn’t in effect Arizona will match the other Mountain Time states.  Daylight Savings time ends the first Sunday in November, so on that date your clock would be set to Mountain Time until Daylight Savings Time started again.  Since most of Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, beginning on the second Sunday in March you would have to set your clock to Pacific Time for it to reflect the correct time in Arizona!  We discovered that our computers and phones actually have settings called Arizona Time!!!  Clocks without an Arizona time setting will have to be switched between Mountain Time and Pacific Time to account for the state not observing Daylight Savings Time.  Now if all that isn’t confusing enough, here are a few more things to be aware of in regards to time in Arizona.  The Navajo Nation, who governs a large area of land in northern Arizona, chooses to observe Daylight Savings Time!  This keeps their time in sync with the Mountain Time states, but out of Sync with the rest of Arizona during the Daylight Savings Time months.  Are you totally confused, yet?  Only one more thing to know!  If you are in the vicinity of Tuba City, Arizona on the Navaho Nation Reservation, there is an area within the reservation dedicated to the Hopi Indians.  The Hopi Indian portion of the reservation has chosen to align themselves with the rest of Arizona and NOT observe Daylight Savings Time.  Now you know!