Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nogales, AZ

Heading south on Arizona Highway 82 you end up in the community of Nogales. It is a neighbor to Nogales, Mexico.
One of the first things we noticed was the border fencing!
Although still on the U.S. side, there is a sense of security issues close to the border. The arched roofs in the picture are at the U.S. Customs port of entry. 
This is the port of entry going into Mexico. People can also park their cars and walk across.
The stores on the U.S. side close to the border have a feel of Mexico!
This is the border fencing in downtown Nogales, U.S. and Mexico!
The further you get away from the border, the businesses get more modern until you are on a business strip with all the top chain stores and restaurants.
Here is the Nogales, AZ high school! The stepped bench seating in the front is interesting! 
This is the Nogales, AZ public libary!
Houses in the area vary, of course, but there are some nice ones with a Spanish flair.
We stopped on the outskirts of the old downtown at Exquisito's for some authentic Mexican cuisine!
Jane had a bowl of soup (sopa) served with a bowl of crispy strips to use like crackers, along with shredded cheese and slices of avacado.
The rest of us had beef and chicken tacos with rice and beans. The tacos are totally meat inside and the shell crimped closed. The lettuce, cheese, and tomatos was served over the top. It was a different way of serving tacos, but excellent! The spices were interesting and I look forward to having authentic Mexican cuisine again.  Our short visit to Nogales, AZ made us realize it would probably be advantageous to know Spanish if living there.