Sunday, April 12, 2015

Box Canyon To Needles, CA

On March 11th we left Salton Sea Beach and headed to Needles, CA. Just north of the Salton Sea, outside the community of Mecca, is a road through Box Canyon that connects to Hwy. 10.
Box Canyon is fascinating, beautiful, and a little unsettling the first time it's driven through!
We're glad to have gone through it with just the truck a few days earlier on our trip to Joshua Tree National Park. The road is good and we were confident taking the camper through the canyon pass.
The trip from Salton City to Needles is 185 miles of desert and more desert and more desert! The road is good, but with all the desert we've seen since leaving southern Arizona, I already find myself looking for an alternate route. so as not to have to travel through that much desert again!
We pulled into our destination of Calzona R.V. Park, with plans to stay in the area for a month. It lies a couple of miles outside of the quaint community of Needles. Needles is in the officially designated heart of the Mojave Desert!