Friday, May 29, 2015

Historic Bonelli House

The historic Bonelli house is located just off of Beale Street in old downtown Kingman. The building to the back of the picture is the Mojave County Courthouse, which was built in 1915. The building to the right was built in 1935 as a U.S. Post Office. It now houses the Kingman Engineering Department. I don't know what the trees with the yellow blossoms are, but aren't they gorgeous. Palo Verde trees, which are quite prevalent in his area, look similar to these. Maybe these are very mature ones. 
This little red schoolhouse was built in 1896 and replaced the first school. It now serves as the municipal court building. The Kingman Visitor's Center has a nice walking tour map, with historic buildings labeled and some general information. 
This is the Bonelli home. It was built in 1915. Tours are offered for a minimal donation. George Bonelli was the 4th child of a Swedish immigrant. He took over managing a large cattle operation his father had amassed, as well as, four retail stores. George married the local Santa Fe Railroad station master's daughter.     
You enter this living room, as you come through the front door. Many of the furnishings are original to the family. Isn't the clock grand!
To the right of the living room is this bedroom.
Through the bedroom was an adjoining bathroom.
Here is the laundry equipment! The metal plunger is called a Rapid Wash!
We came through the bathroom into the kitchen. The stove has a tank at the top that served as a water heater. One of the Bonelli family's sons lived in the family home until around 1970. It was said that he continued to use this original stove!
You can see from the kitchen back into the bedroom. I love the way these old houses are a maze of rooms!
The door by the stove (a few pictures back) enters into the dining room. The door to the right goes outside onto a large wrap around porch and overlooks a big yard. Through the door to the left you enter a stairwell.
There was plenty of stair climbing exercise to be had in the Bonelli home!
This is the upstairs landing and a bathroom ahead.
To the right of the landing is the male children's bedroom. The doorway leads to a big wrap around balcony. There is an opening in the ceiling that goes up into the glassed in room on top of the house. It served to vent heat from the room, but the boys also used it as a playroom.
Across from the boy's bedroom is the girl's bedroom.
The door goes to the balcony.
To the right is the girl's bedroom shown in the prior picture. The center doorway is the bathroom, and the doorway to the left is a sitting room.
This is the sitting room.
Across from the sitting room by the stairway railing is the parent's room. The door on the right goes to the balcony.
Here is the bottom of the stairs looking from the living room back towards the dining room! It's a nice home said to be inhabited by welcoming spirits!