Thursday, August 20, 2015

Prescott, AZ

Prior to leaving Kingman, I had researched Prescott, AZ for r.v. parks and had six prioritized by their amenities and location.  Most of the park websites didn't list rates, which is quite unusual.  Overall, the r.v. park websites seemed lacking in their effort to draw travelers to stay with them!  I quickly got the feeling that filling the local r.v. parks wasn't an issue and that finding a place to stay might be a problem!  My assumption turned out to be right on! 
Prescott is a community that seems intertwined with its natural surroundings.  There are rolling forested hills and grassy meadows that come right into town.  Antelope are in the meadows.  There are lakes and huge rock formations.  To the north of town is the Chino Valley, Granite Dells, Watson Lake and Willow Lake.  We stayed two nights at Point of Rocks R.V. Park in the Granite Dells area.  We would have liked to have stayed on at Point of Rocks R.V. Park, but they have limited monthly site rentals that stay filled with local university students.  The manager told us they turn at least 6 requests for monthly rentals away daily and provided us with a list of a dozen mobile home/r.v. park combos.  Taking just our vehicle, we visited all the parks we felt were within range of what we wanted to experience in Prescott.  When planning a long term stay in an r.v. park, we like to personally visit it to check out it's condition, the park atmosphere, and to speak with the park host.  It has been our experience that the park host will open a spot if we are at the park in person, but would have turned us away otherwise.  This didn't seem to hold any sway in Prescott!  We were told by a few parks that there wouldn't be openings until October and by another that if we were to be placed on a waiting list, that we'd be about number 75!  Most parks admitted to not knowing when their monthly sites will open up and stated that they are filled quickly!  It appeared that we would have to be at the park coincidentally at the time a lot was coming available in order to get one!  After seeing the condition of the parks and their locations, here are our recommendations:
  • Point of Rocks is great for being close to Granite Dells.  The daily rates were reasonable at $33 a night.  You aren't likely to get a monthly site.
  • Pine Lawn Ranch R.V. Park is in a great location for being close to the historic downtown.  It is only $350 per month plus electric.
  • Fairgrounds RV Park in the Prescott Valley is huge and your best bet for monthly rentals not planned far ahead.  The park roads are paved, the park is well-kept, and they have a clubhouse.  They are talking about doubling the size of the park.  The fairgrounds behind the park seems to be permanently closed.  There are restrictions regarding the age of r.v.'s admitted.  Rigs 10 years or older have to be preapproved via pictures emailed to a location other than the r.v. park.  No approval given on your arrival, so plan ahead.  Rigs 25 years or older are excluded from the park.  The rates were reasonable.  The rate was around $325 plus electric.  The park seems to be located out away from things, but is only about 15 miles from the courthouse square downtown. 
To give ourselves a little recognition for our sleuthing skills, I have to admit that we found a little hole-in-the-wall r.v. park close to Granite Dells that we could have gotten into, but opted to move on to a favorite location in Camp Verde, AZ.  As a friend pointed out, "It's fun to stay at different places, but sometimes it's very nice to return to familiar grounds." 
The historic courthouse square is huge and beautifully tree covered!  It seems to be a mecca for people to gather! 
Across the street from the courthouse is historic Whiskey Row.  Once known for having 40 bars it now has lots of shopping, restaurants, and quaint places for liquid refreshments! 
On the northern edge of town is Granite Dells and Watson Lake Park.  Willow Lake is nearby.  There are canoe and kayak rentals available, but no swimming in any of Prescott's lakes.
Lynx Lake is to the south of town.  Prescott is an interesting and outdoorsy community!  It is located only 45 miles from Camp Verde!  We are in Camp Verde until September 12th and may opt to stay longer.