Sunday, October 18, 2015

Camp Verde, AZ

As you come off Highway 17 onto Highway 260 near Camp Verde you'll find every fast food restaurant you could want, as well as, the world's larges Kokopelli!
Just a short distance along Highway 260 is Finnie Flat Road.  It runs from one end of Camp Verde and out the other!  To the left in this picture is a big new medical center being built!  It will be an excellent addition to the community!  Trails End R.V. Park is located just a short distance from this intersection along Finnie Flat Road before reaching the business district.   
This is the newer section of town.  This strip mall has nearly everything a person needs except for clothing stores.  The community has a calm, quiet, polite atmosphere that you'll feel right away!  Everything seems to be designed for the community members convenience!  To the left in the picture you'll see the dumpsters for recycling.  The recycling isn't only convenient by location, but allows plastics, cans, and aluminum all to be put into one dumpster!  The motor coach in the center of the picture is in a park and sell lot!  There are medical services within this mall and nearby buildings.
Walgreens sits across the street near a gas station and Family Dollar.
Leaving the newer shopping center you continue on Finnie Flat Road around this pretty wooded bend to the older portion of Camp Verde.  The mountain pass you see in the distance heads south to Phoenix about 90 miles away.  To the right in this picture note the sign indicating that there is a casino.  Cliff Castle Casino is a nice large one complete with restaurants and a bowling alley.
This is what you'll see, as you round the bend into older Camp Verde. 
 It is still active with a variety of business.  
In the center of older Camp Verde is historic Fort Verde.  Each Fall the town holds quite a celebration called Fort Verde Days.  This year was it's 150th anniversary!
I enjoy a drive through old Camp Verde, as it gives such a great feeling of small town life and a sense of contentment that everything for day to day living is conveniently available.  The hustle bustle community of Cottonwood is only 16 miles away and has all the large chain stores.  We love that, as it keeps Camp Verde peaceful!
As you exit off of Finnie Flat Road onto Highway 260 out of old Camp Verde, you'll see this beautiful green valley!  The desert in this area is said to be one of the wettest! 
This hilltop overlooking the newer portion of Camp Verde has a beautiful housing development.  You can get a nice overview from this vantage point.  Camp Verde is located about 45 miles east of Prescott, 30 miles south of Sedona, and about 60 miles south of Flagstaff.  We enjoy the quiet convenience of life in Camp Verde and can see ourselves as possibly settling down to stay someday.  Our current plans are to stay from now through April.