Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gem And Mineral Show

While staying in an area, we like to watch for local events and check them out, even if it is something we wouldn't consider ourselves interested in or knowledgeable about.  We find that there is always something for us to appreciate and we generally learn something new, too.  This gem and mineral show is put on by the Mohave County Gemstoners Club.  Enjoy the show!
Love these!
Amazingly pretty colors and patterns available in nature!
I believe these are salt crystals.  I love the lighted one! 
At first I thought these were just cheap looking necklaces, but I've come to realize that they are gems and minerals cut into beads and strung on fishing line for sale to people who make jewelry!
I thought the knife holder created from a cactus core made for a nice display! 
We were told that the black knife blades are made from meteorites!
Pretty lavender color! 
I thought the columns found inside the larger pretty rock were cool!
These are interesting formations!
This is called a desert rose.  I've never seen such a large one.  You can read on Wikipedia about the special conditions that form them.
These are sulfer!  We were told they exude the sulfer smell when broken open!
Lots of pretty turquoise for jewelry or other crafts! 
Very pretty pieces!
Pretty pink! 
We were told that the fossils in these platters are real and not transferred patterns.
Some fancies for the wealthy!  I personally can admire the beauty of jewelry, as an art piece, but am only comfortable wearing a minimum of it.  I've considered buying jewelry just to frame as art!
I remember these whimsical watches from childhood!
These are cute little polymer creatures!
 Here's an interesting variety of things unknown to us!
Pretty and shiny! 
Hmmm?  What are they?  Pretty green and orange, whatever they are!
 Fool's Gold!
Hmmm?  What could be made out of these? 
More creative opportunities! 
Here is a creative idea!
Look at that amazing red and that perfectly striped piece at the top of the picture!
Enjoy checking out some more displays!
This knife has a stag horn handle.  I first took the description to mean the horn of a large animal, such as an elk, but now I wonder if staghorn is a type of gem!  Hmmm? 
Wasn't that a fun tour?  We enjoyed visiting with the club members we met!  If we were to remain in Kingman, I could see us joining this club for their educational field trips into the outdoors looking for gems and minerals!  Now that's something we didn't see coming!