Sunday, April 4, 2010

Corydon Picture Tour

Welcome to Corydon, Indiana!

Here is the old courthouse on the downtown green.

There are lots of nice shops along the streets surrounding the courthouse square.

Here's another street along the square.

Corydon has a superb library! Check out the old time street clock. Corydon's downtown is way cute and quaint!

Here's another example of some downtown charm! This cabin is for sale. It is beautifully finished inside with shiny hardwood floors throughout. It has two bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It can be purchased for only $599,900! If I was rich, I'd pick it up for one of my part time homes!

The fairgrounds has lots of lush green grass and is beautifully enclosed with a white fence.

The fairgrounds are across the creek. Check out the expanse of green and the Forsythia bushes in full bloom!

There are lots of regal homes of years gone by in the area. Isn't this one gorgeous!

Roy, Prin, Sugar, and I hiked a bit in Hayswood Nature Preserve.

This is the open area within the wooded preserve.

Here is the trio. The girls were so good on their leashes!

These are May Apples. I was told as a kid that mushrooms like the same area as May Apples. We looked for a few Morel mushrooms, but didn't have any luck. Roy and I think maybe Prin or Sugar could be trained to sniff out mushrooms. What do you think?
I always find these rock cuts along the highway pleasant to look at. I've always assumed they were created when the mountain was cut away to build the highway.

There is so much history to this area. It makes me want to learn more!

There is a special feeling just walking the grounds of the Battle of Corydon Park.

Ahhhh! It's good to be back home in Indiana!