Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 24th-31st

We're getting settled into our life in Corydon. It's a great little community! We took a driving tour on all the main roads to the outskirts of town. We now have a working knowledge of where most of the businesses are located. One evening we ventured over to a mall in Louisville. We want to go back to Louisville during the day and do a thorough exploration of the riverfront and downtown. It's only 25 miles from Corydon taking the most direct route. We had a nice potluck gathering at Susan's parent's home. It was nice seeing all the folks we haven't seen for at least 6 years. Monday I did a walking tour of downtown Corydon. I went through most of the shops, but will want to go again to see the ones I missed. There are alot of quality stores. Next comes the restaurants! There is a map showing the location of historic buildings in the downtown area. I'll want to check them out, too. While downtown, I chatted with one of the employees at the visitor center about how nice a dog park Rice Island would make, as well as, a location by the YMCA. She said her grandson is looking for an eagle scout project and might be interested in pursuing the idea. She was going to mention the idea to people who might be interested in making such a project happen. She seemed really psyched. I Emailed her the layout of the Mango, Florida dog park and and recommended the website It would be really cool, if the next time we came to Corydon there was a dog park. I've located a wonderful massage therapist and enjoyed her services. I'm scheduled for a repeat Tuesday. The RV guides mentioned starting a list of health care providers one has gone to in different areas, so they'll be readily accessible when passing through again. Massage and Body Works of Corydon is a keeper. We now have a Verizon 5 gig internet card!!! No more waiting to stay in touch! We recommend Verizon as we initially went with ATT, and quickly found out it wasn't as fast. That's it for happenings here. Marilyn