Thursday, March 4, 2010

Laundry Day

I'm finding I enjoy going to the laundromat. Instead of being a chore, it seems more like a social event. Any thoughts about the inconvenience of hauling clothes to the laundromat, quickly disappear when considering the convenience of all the laundry getting done in one short session. No more individual load after load through the week! On our first trip to the laundromat, not having been in one for years, we were quite daunted by the variety of washing machines. It must have been written all over our faces, as the laundry attendant said we looked like we were lost! She educated us about the different size front loaders. There are those that do 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 loads in individual machines! She said they can be loaded to one hand thickness from the top of the washer drum! The single load machines are top loaders. The cost for a single is $2.00, 2 load machines $2.25, 3 loads $3.25, 4 loads $4.25, and 6 loads $6.00. The 8 load didn't say. Dryers are still a quarter. We find that we spend approximately $10-15 every 1-2 weeks. When we were at the trailer park in Ellenton Gardens we were told that residents could have a washer and dryer on their premises for an extra $10 a month on their rent. We find it best to sort laundry ahead of getting to the laundromat so as to know what machines to choose. Well, that's the scoop on laundromats in 2010!