Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fluffy The Lovebug a.k.a. Charles

It's true love! It's hard to believe that a couple of months ago we weren't sure how we were going to catch Charles to move him into the camper. Living in close quarters and Roy's persistent pestering has won his affection. He's definitely become a daddy's boy! We tease Charles by telling him we're going to change his name to Fluffy or Lovebug and give him to a little girl to dress up and have a tea party with! He doesn't want to go live with a little girl, but he likes the new names!

Look at that silly Prin smiling for the camera. Charles is a stocky built cat and we've noticed that he seems to still be growing. We are estimating his age to be about a year and a half. We think that he shares linage with Norwegian Forest Cats. We recently read that they continue to mature for four years. Wow! He might turn out to be a very big boy. Look at his size already compared to Prin who weighs 60 pounds. They love to play fight. We're hoping to get a video to share. He sure keeps our life lively!