Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earthy Living

We're finding that living in our simple 24' camper has a very earthy feel to it. When the weather is warm the windows, top hatches, and door are open to the fresh air of the outdoors. When it's raining we hear its patter on the low roof and see it on the surrounding windows. We feel the wind rock the camper gently or as if in a hurricane. We hear the sounds of the outdoors whether it be birds, dogs, or people. There is a sense of connectedness to all that is around us. The canopy opens the camper to what feels to be an earthen floor room. Meals eaten indoors have that added zest that one gets when picnicking. I've never enjoyed kitchen chores, but find with a smaller kitchen, less to dirty, and the slower paced lifestyle that it can be pleasant. To dry wet towels and washcloths, Roy hung a clothesline across the front of the canopy. The act of hanging the laundry, and watching it flap in the breeze has a great down home feeling. It even gives me thoughts of wanting to do some wash by hand just to get to hang it on the line! Even with the outdoorsy earthy feel, we have all the comforts of home. I always fantasized about living in a cabin in the woods, and although we haven't discovered our patch of woods yet, I'm sure it's going to happen.