Monday, March 1, 2010


I've been so sore from my initial exercise efforts that I can hardly function. Even so, I can tell that when my muscles heal I'll be a bit more flexible and stronger.

The young couple to the east of us seem reconciled. I'm so glad, as they have a baby and a toddler. I just saw the couple to the west of us together, so hopefully they're reconciled, too.

I have been looking at the camper with decorating in mind. I'm thinking some wallpaper borders, and wall decorations would accomplish a lot. It appears as though it would be as easy to change, as ideas one could come up with!

Roy bought one of the vinyl woven patio rugs you see outside campers. I wasn't sold on the idea at first, but can see that it decreases the amount of dirt being tracked in tremendously. It's a good thing.

Vinyl floors are best indoors. They are easy to keep swept clean. I had a couple of rugs inside, but found they were real dirt catchers, and something extra to have to deal with when trying to keep the floor clean. The rugs are now gone.

A ceramic heater with a thermostat comes in handy for cold days and nights, even in Florida. As one wise person told us, "Cold is cold."

When boondocking, Roy and I discovered that coffee made on the stove with a percolator tastes like gourmet coffee. We haven't gone back to using the electric drip coffeemaker. We're considering getting rid of it!

One day when we ran out of store bought French Vanilla creamer, Roy made some. His is now the favorite! It also tastes gourmet.

Some RV parks don't take "dangerous breed dogs". It's best to refer to you mixed breed dog as a mix rather than generalize it as a Shepherd, Rottweiller, or Pit Bull.

Roy feels that lower RV park rates are achieved by talking to the manager in person rather than over the phone.

That's all for now. Take care