Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Top Mountain State Park, GA

Camping at Red Top Mountain State Park in Georgia has been a big change from the city. We have enjoyed the woods and lake. Far from the noise of the city, I thought we may have trouble getting to sleep. Not to worry; we've slept well! The park has been mostly empty except for a few RVs. The next town over is called Cartersville. Lots of traffic for a two dog town. We wondered if the town was hit by a tornado, as most of the buildings and streets seemed polished and not very old. We heard it was a boom town due to textile manufacturing. We visited a town about 30 miles out called Rome. Rome is home to Berry College. There are tours through the founders estate and gardens. We had a nice day there. We are on our way to southern Indiana now and will post more as we get set up again. Roy