Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cash For Campers

During the month of September, Roy and I have been exploring ways to earn extra cash while out on the road. This was in our plans already, but is particularly pertinent this month, as early retirement incentive funds came to an end. Roy has explored local jobs listed in the paper and leads given to him. We're finding that most jobs don't fit our mobile lifestyle. The employers are looking to hire long term, prefer to hire local, or "ouch" the reality check of wanting younger. We're only wanting to work enough to pick-up a few extra dollars and be done until the next time. We've considered temporary work agencies, but it takes time to get set-up with them. This might work out for areas we plan to be in for several months, then again, we feel it may be more of a commitment then we are looking for. I may look into being a substitute teacher, when located in an area for several months, but it isn't my first choice. New experiences are part of what our adventure is about. We think we've discovered a good fit between our mobile lifestyle and work, through a free job listing service for RVers called Workkampers. Registering online, you'll receive a weekly listing of camper jobs around the country. Roy is set-up to begin working for an distribution center in Campbellsville, Kentucky starting November 7th. The assignment goes to December 23rd. The deal is sweet! They pay our campsite fee (instant $500 savings per month), $10.50 an hour for work performed, and a $500 bonus, if the assignment is completed! They do 20, 30, and 40 hours per week with the opportunity for overtime. I considered part time, but with our pet crew decided it would be best for me to maintain the household. We are already watching for other opportunities, and can see where we could get Workkamper assignments lined-up consecutively. Many of the opportunities are less intense than the Amazon job, and consist of hosting a campground 20 hours a week for exemption from lot rent. We have spotted a job listing for an 1800's silver mining ghost town in New Mexico near Gila National Forest! Now that sounds like the kind of work adventure we're looking for!