Sunday, September 5, 2010


We noticed traveling from Michigan to Indiana that when we pulled into Pokagon State Park for the night that our familiarity with the park and area gave us a feeling of returning home! We thought that was kind of strange, but it was a nice feeling. While at the park Roy was showing the influence of having been on the sled dog tour. Here is his team in training!

After the dog training session, we moved on toward Corydon, Indiana. Being familiar with Corydon from our previous stay, we noticed on our arrival this time that we had a feeling of returning home! Wow! Could it be as a person travels and gains familiarity with places around the country that they feel they have many homes? I think probably so.

Here is our spot along Indian Creek. It is the same RV park that we were in before. We chose to camp a little closer to the island where we run the dogs. The creek is very low and the concrete slab bridge to the island is dry enough for walking across.

Here is Otis and Charles checking out life outside the camper. We discovered that tipping Otis' wheelchair and putting a small blanket on it, makes a nice stationary chair for support and a boost up for looking out the door. He is getting lots of time outdoors with a belly strap and leash helping to keep him upright. His walking is improving daily. In this picture you can see where we padded the corner of the cabinet to protect Otis, as he and Charles enjoy some enthusiastic wrestling matches. The padding gives the camper a touch of 60's van decor! Cool, man! Peace!