Monday, January 3, 2011

Miller Creek RV Park, Texas

Miller Creek RV Park is located off Texas Highway 281 halfway between Johnson City and Blanco. It's 6 miles to each of these small towns. It’s about 35 miles west of Austin and 60 miles north of San Antonio. Our camper is behind the black truck on the right side of this circular drive. This area of the RV park is for long-term residents. It is more rustic than the polished part of the park where overnighters stay and rallies are held. We like it for its home on the ranch feel. A full hook-up lot is $325 per month with metered electricity. Previous metered electricity has run about $20 per month.

There are about 20 camper sites on our circle. I think we have the best spot. Our picture window looks out onto our own private yard. We were lucky to get it, as a couple was pulling out as we were settling in. There is one 5th wheel to our door side, but it is only occupied a week or two every few months by a man who occasionally works in the area.

This is the view looking into the park. Look what a nice big yard we have! Can you believe Otis is now walking the length of this yard and more without the belly strap and leash! It’s a perfect area for him to practice in, as the ground is soft and the fence protects him from the road. You wouldn’t think that roads would be an issue with his disability, but when he decides to, he can run about 30 feet quite quickly.

This rural road runs behind the camper. That’s the end of our camper in the picture. This road will be good for Roy’s bicycling and mine, when I get started. There is a lavender farm down the road that I have to check out.

This is the head of the park looking out the gate. There’s a nice central grassy area that Otis occasionally explores. In the center of the rock circle is a tiny "Otis-sized" Palm Tree he enjoys lying under.

This is the view out the window behind the couch. The round building is a huge shower and the square building next to it is the laundry.

Isn’t this a cute painting on the shower building?

This is the interior of the shower. The water comes through the holes in the hanging washtub, and the whole silo is one big shower room! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it would feel like showering in a rain storm! I'll let you know after I give it a try. We're liking our new home a lot!