Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reality Check

Before anyone gets too far gone into thinking that once you hit the road all the troubles of the world are left behind, let's have a reality check. After a week of achy, dark, rainy, freezing temperatures, while in our wonderful Winter get-away location in Texas, it’s a perfect time for such a topic. When we first arrived in our nice Texas RV park, I heard Prin give out a yelp upon lying down. My first thought was something might have bitten her. The next day Charles gives out a yelp upon lying down. Hmm? Now I’m thinking the only thing I’ve heard make me yelp like that are sand fleas when they bite. The next day I discovered the answer, when I yelped from something puncturing my skin through the leg of my jeans, and yelped again when the heal of my hand was punctured trying to brush it away! The culprit is a thorny ball called a goats head, and comes from a plant officially called a puncture vine.

The thorny seed is a vicious looking little thing, isn’t it?

The puncture vine itself is an innocent looking weed. I’ll definitely be watching for it! The pain inflicted by goat heads is right up there with my memory of sand fleas, but I’d have to rate them as second in their noxiousness, as they don’t come after you! Mostly life on the road is good, but there are still finances to juggle, bills, taxes, grumpy people, incompetent assistance, health issues, vehicle repairs, poor internet connections, and bad movies. Starting Monday the week's weather is going to be sunny and 65 degrees. Ahhhhh! All life’s negatives will seem a little gentler!