Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Luckenbach, Texas

For my non-country music friends, the song in the video is the one that put Luckenbach, Texas on the map. Start the music and scroll on, unless you want to read the song's lyrics. That's all there is in the video.

I always loved this song and thought I'd enjoy seeing Luckenbach.

Luckenbach is 11 miles from Fredericksburg through some peaceful countryside just off this main road.

This is the town loop road entering Luckenbach. Straight ahead is the post office and the building to the right is the corner of the dance hall.

There is rustic park-like countryside as you enter town.

Here's Roy standing at the door of the dance hall. You can see down in the corner of the picture one of several exotic looking roosters strolling around town. I tried getting pictures of some of them, but without any luck

This is the dance hall stage and dance floor.

This is the seating in the dance hall. We'll have to make our next trip to Luckenbach in the evening for some drinking and dancing!

Roy had his guitar in the truck, so we did a photo shoot in front of the post office/gift shop/saloon.

This kitty sleeping on the post office bench seemed to sum up the slow paced lifestyle.

This is the interior of the post office/gift shop. As you walk on through, you enter a rustic saloon. I wanted to snap a picture, but didn't want to impose on the patrons sitting at the bar.

This is the area to the back of the post office and bar. The building to the left has full plumbing restrooms.

This is a shot of the back of the post office/bar where some entertainment takes place. Behind me and not in the picture is a large stage. This place appears that it could do some serious partying!

This guy is coming out the side door of the bar. I thought the guitar caddy was cool. It makes one think a lot of guitar picking goes on here.

This is a shot across the large parking lot looking back at the center of town. The dance hall is the building to the left and the post office is right of center.

This is looking across the parking lot heading around the loop out of town. To the right sets one house. It's pictured below.

This appears to be the only house in town, but just up the road is a long driveway with what appears to be two more homes.

Here's a little history of the town. Sweet place!