Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Benini Sculpture Ranch and Art Gallery

The Benini Sculpture Ranch and Art Gallery is located about 5 miles outside Johnson City and up this road into the Texas hills to an altitude of 1,800 feet.

I'm presenting the tour opposite of the way it took place, so you'll have more of a feel for the layout.

This is the home and private gallery of the artist and his wife. It sits at the highest point on the property overlooking the sculpture ranch. I love the whirligig, or what is more technically called Kinetic Art, in their front yard. A video of it in motion will come later in this post.

This is the view from the artist's home overlooking the 140 acre ranch. Large sculptures are located along the winding road. The sculptures are by artists internationally.

You may have to enlarge the picture to get a closer look. It looks to me to be a skeletal view of the legendary Chupacabra or goat-sucker. I love the natural setting.

This sculpture against the blue sky and landscape is what made it for me.

This hand was interesting in a "Planet of the Apes" sort of way. Remember the fallen Statue of Liberty?

Once again a sculpture made better for its nature backdrop.


Seeing this horse sculpture in a habitat that would be natural for a wild horse made it almost appear that it could come to life and run free. I think all this art is making my imagination run wild!

This one I like and dislike in equal amounts. The name "Childhood Memories of My Life On The Farm" seems to be what redeems it for me.

This string art through the trees looks like a big spider web. It looked like it could be interesting during different times of day, because of the colors that shine from it.

We enjoyed seeing this bird enhance this interesting sculpture.

Me and a Texas Longhorn near the Art Gallery.

This is the Benini Art Gallery. Viewing the artwork in the gallery and the self guided driving tour are all free!

The artwork in the gallery is mostly from the 1960s and 70s. Benini was said to have been experimenting with dimensions. These works are all flat canvas with some sections cut away. The dimensions are created with paint. The artwork is hung out from the wall so natural shadows also play into the works effect.

Pretty amazing. Remember these are flat canvas!

This is looking to the back of the gallery. The big purple triangle on the back wall made me think of "The Wizard of Oz" and "Star Trek".

This is looking toward the front of the gallery. The purple picture to the left struck me as odd. It is like a picture frame with nothing in it, but then seeing the way the light reflected out into the room made me think how cool it is. It's like capturing a picture of light! Still I thought it needed something in that empty spot within the painted frame. Soooo, I did my own artwork. Check it out below!

Much better! LOL :-)) Isn't technology great!

Let the video below download totally before playing it. The Kinetic Art sculptures are our favorites.

The artwork we've shown in this post is just a small sampling of what is available to see at the ranch. We enjoyed our day and I had a night of fanciful dreams.