Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Yard With A Mini-Oasis

The park is our big yard and the area to the forefront is our mini-oasis. We've planted a few flowers, and established a bird feeding area. We have our spot in the shade of a Texas Live Oak to enjoy the activities.

Look what discovered our oasis! It may have been hunting birds, getting some moisture, or just enjoying sunning itself in the driveway! It isn't poisonous, but it is definitely the biggest snake I've seen outside of a zoo. We think it is either a Bull Snake or Rat Snake. With Roy encouraging it to move on by tapping it's tail, it climbed the tree across the driveway. Hopefully it won't want to be a regular visitor. This is the first time we've seen it, and we've been here since the first of January.

I should have grabbed the video camera, as you'd have been amazed at how easily the snake slithered up the tree! It's a little creepy walking under the tree now knowing the snake is overhead somewhere.

This is what I consider our other side yard. It's up a neat little rise of rocks. The Lilies you see are called Rain Lilies. They just seem to pop-up out of the ground overnight after a rain. The blossoms only last a couple of days.

The 4 vines are from my watermelon plant. The big fuzzy plant to the forefront is a wildflower my neighbor enjoys.

Check out my baby watermelon. The vines have lots of flowers, and we're all dreaming of having some homegrown watermelon! We've been enjoying donations of radishes, tomatoes, and squash from the community garden. Life is good :-)