Friday, July 15, 2011

CH Ambassador

In July 2010 we posted 5 videos on YouTube of Otis using his wheelchair. With over 450 views on most of his videos and one having 1,011 views, he has become a Cerebellar Hypoplasia Ambassador. You can view his videos on our channel by entering arjay752 on YouTube.

In October 2010 we received an Email from a woman in New Jersey who was fostering a CH kitten, named Leo, for a rescue organization. She was interested in building a wheelchair. We've kept in touch regarding Odie and Leo's progress. She is now Aunt Sharon, and we look forward to visiting her next time we go out East.

This is Asha. He is a 7 week old kitten with CH. His family has contacted us in the last few weeks about how to build him a wheelchair. We've been exchanging information about the wheelchair, as well as, developmental expectations. The posts of Odie's progress is an inspiration to them. During the course of our Emails they requested information about where to buy things. Being the Internet, we weren't even sure if they were in the United States. Can you believe that it turns out that they are in Austin, Texas! That's only 40 minutes away. We plan to meet sometime. Below is a cute video they sent of Asha's first time trying out his chair. A video they sent of him without his wheelchair shows that he can run around like a wild man, but can't stay upright for long. The chair will give him the practice he needs for walking and keep his muscles developing. Isn't he cute!

We just wrote to two more people today. Roy says Odie's videos are getting more views then his UFO videos. I suggested we make a video titled, "A Cat In A Wheelchair Sees A UFO". Maybe that would help Roy's video ratings! Odie won't mind sharing the spotlight.