Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas At The LBJ Boyhood Home

During the month of December the LBJ boyhood home, the LBJ Ranch, and the Historic Johnson City Settlement are decorated for Christmas and open on a few special evenings for viewing. Typically they only have daytime tours.

This is the LBJ boyhood home. All the oil lamps you'll see are electric, but are very nice replicas. The home was built in 1901. The Johnson's moved to this home in 1913. Lyndon was 5 years old at that time. He lived here for most of the years up to 1937. His father Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr. was a state legislator, and his mother, Rebekah Baines Johnson, was one of few college educated women in the area. Lyndon had one younger brother and three sisters.

This is they entry. To the right, you step into a central dining room with a fireplace and large dining table. I was so busy going to all the rooms that come off every wall of the dining room, that I forgot to get a picture of it.

As you step into the dining room, there is a door to the left going into Lyndon's 3 sister's bedroom.

Across the dining room from the girl's room is the parent's bedroom. Through the doorway at the back of the parent's room is Lyndon and his brother's room.

At the back of the dining room, you enter the kitchen. To the left of the kitchen is an entrance to a large screened-in porch. To the right of the kitchen is a screened breezeway leading to the bathroom.

The house seems to have existed at a time when plumbing was just beginning to be brought into homes. There is a bathtub, but no toilet or sink. There is a nearby outhouse.

The boy's room is accessable through the bathroom or parent's room.

The living room is located to the front of the house. You would access it by stepping from the entryway into the dining room and going to the right. It is a very pleasant home.