Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Johnson City Christmas Lights

During the Christmas season, Texas Hill Country has what is called, The Trail of Lights. Below is a map of the communities involved. Each community goes all out decorating.

We are located at the junction of Highway 290 and 281.

One of the first spectacular displays of Christmas lights you'll see in Johnson City is this lighted grove of trees on the Pedernales Electric Company's property. The picture doesn't do justice to how amazing it is. Each tree is fully wrapped in lights right out to the small branches. We're told that when it's time to remove the lights, they are cut away.

Another great display is the complete lighting of a small downtown park.

Here's Texas Santa with a cowboy hat, big Texas shaped belt buckle, cowboy boots, and a horse pulling the sleigh!

The grand lighting on the courthouse and carriage rides around town top off the festiveness. The lights and carriage rides run from the day after Thanksgiving until January 1st!

On the edge of town is a private homeowner that fully decorates his long driveway and home. He welcomes the public to enjoy his wonderland. The pictures don't do it justice, as we had to take them through the truck windshield, as we moved along with the flow of visitors.

His home is what you see all covered in white lights. Check out the total wrapping of the trees in lights. We still have Marble Falls, Burnet, and Fredericksburg to travel to for Christmas lighting. Wow, I never knew Christmas without snow could be so festive!