Friday, April 27, 2012

County Line BBQ

We recently went to Austin to dine at County Line Barbeque.  The restaurant has another location in Austin and several more throughout Texas.  The County Line, and Cooper's barbeque restaurants are considered to have the best barbeque in Texas.  Both restaurants have online ordering and ship their barbeque nationally.

This is the interior.

This is the deck next to Bull Creek.  The creek flows into Lake Austin.

There is a feeding station for the turtles and ducks.  The ducks weren't around, but I enjoyed seeing the turtles swimming together while waiting for a treat to be tossed into the water. 

Now for what we came for! Roy and I both tried the 5 meat dinner. It has barbequed pork and beef ribs, along with smoked turkey, sausage, and brisquit. County Line offers an established menu with prices.  With this much food, Roy and I enjoyed a nice lunch from it the next day.  Although County Line and Cooper's barbeques were both good, it is Roy and my opinion that there are some equally good mom and pop places to be found.  We have a new mission!