Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texas Men's State Chili & BBQ Championship

This is the ninth year that Johnson City has hosted the Texas Men's State Chili & BBQ Championship.

Outwardly the event isn't fancy, but we enjoyed attending it last Spring and this year. It is a free event held at the Blanco County Fairgrounds. Competitors are required to prepare their foods for the competition at the event. There is a field full of RVs with meat smokers set-up outside, people cooking, and lots of good smells filling the air.

Inside are some vendors selling a variety of items, a silent auction, and contestants gathered around the scoreboard.

The judging is open to the public, and only requires that you show-up a few minutes ahead of the event's start time. Judging starts at 10:00 a.m. for wings, 11:00 for beans, 12:00 p.m. chicken, 1:00 chili, 2:00 ribs, and 3:30 brisquit. You can sit-in on as many judging events as your stomach has room for. Roy and I judged chili last year and this year picked brisquit. The entry form had slots for 20 entries, but thank goodness we only had to judge twelve. With a sip of water and a piece of cracker to refresh the palate between 12 nice size bites of smoked brisquit, I'd have had a hard time fitting in 8 more pieces no matter how tasty! We've already got our mouths watering to judge chicken and ribs next Spring, if we are in the area!