Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10, 9, 8 .......... Blast Off!

Today marks the start of the 10 day countdown until we blast off into the great unknown! We're filled with anticipation and apprehension! It's interesting how the unknown creates these opposing feelings.
My biggest apprehension is fitting all the stuff we put in storage back into the truck!!!  I guess it all came out of the truck, so it should all go back in!  This picture is of the new storage units the Miller Creek R.V. Park owners put in last Summer. Another problem with reloading the truck is what it does to gas mileage. The truck's gas mileage isn't great at 13 mpg without a load, but drops to 6 mpg loaded! We have discovered that the truck's gas mileage inhibits our desire to travel distances sightseeing.  We have discussed the possibility of purchasing an inexpensive used economy car, when we know we will be in an area for an extended period, and then selling it before we move on. With Roy's auto mechanics expertise, this might be an option for enhancing our travels.
While I'm showing off the R.V. park updates, here is a look at the improvements to the "Watering Hole." You may remember that when we first arrived, the building had canvass covering the window and door cut-outs. Windows and doors have been installed!
Our September 1st destination is Kerrville, Texas! It's not far away, but said to be very different from our present location. We've been told by a local that it's one of the prettiest parts of Texas, and we shouldn't leave without seeing it! Now that's a recommendation one shouldn't ignore!