Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Evening At Luchenbach

Roy and I have been jumping through hoops getting things in order for us to start our travels again, as well as, caring for the foster kittens, and maximizing the July Labrador Retriever adoption special. July came to a close with 11 out of 15 Labs adopted! By Wednesday, the three feral kittens moved to an indoor foster home, where they could have a chance at becoming domesticated. We caught the feral kitten I saw one morning, and added it to the two I was fostering. Life has calmed down, and some relaxing fun was greatly needed. Friday we went to dinner with a couple from the RV park and a new acquaintance.  The restaurant was located out in the country.  There was a country music band and dancing outdoors.  Fridays and Saturdays live music abounds in Texas Hill Country! I love that about this area!
After dinner we met up with another couple from Miller Creek RV Park at the dance hall in Luchenbach. Roy and I have wanted to go to Luchenbach in the evening, but hadn't pursued it. Luchenbach is about 60 miles round trip through rural countryside.  In the evening that translates to lots of deer on the roads.  Between the distance, deer, and drinking we have opted not to go.  Friday night we had a designated driver! We saw lots of deer as expected!
It's been quite awhile since Roy and I practiced our Texas Two Step. We were both thrilled that it came right back to us! The atmosphere at Luchenbach was that of a beautiful Summer night filled with music and dancing! Because of its rural location, I always thought it would be rowdy. It might be at times, but last night it was totally mellow.  The memory will entice us to return.
This bike was in the parking lot, but appeared to be on display.  It was nice to just relax and have fun!