Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Johnson Creek R.V. Park, Ingram, Texas

Although Roy and I were shooting for a September 1st departure, our leaving Miller Creek R.V. Park on the 3rd worked out beautifully.  It was nice to have the extra few days for increased organization, visiting friends, and letting the Labor Day weekend crowd disperse.  We pulled into Johnson Creek R.V. Park early in the evening, and was thankful for my having done prior research.  The park is located about 6 miles out into the country without signs informing of its presence.  Without knowing where we were going, Roy and I would have been stressing, and settled for one of the more expensive parks in town.  We also learned a lesson about websites.  Our first choice in parks was located in town, and their website made the park look quite pristine.  When we pulled-in to check it out, we couldn't believe the difference!  The pictures for the website must have been taken 30 years ago, when it was new!  Lesson learned:  Never make a months reservation site unseen!  Johnson Creek R.V. Park was our second choice, and appeared online to be more rustic than we might want.  It turns out to be a reasonably priced upscale park in a serene country setting.  Roy and I had planned to stay a month, but on day two of being here, we've already begun considering staying an extra month!
The roads and R.V. pads are all paved!  Each lot has a nice sized yard as well.  The park is built on the edge of a working pecan orchard.  The trees you see down this park road are pecan trees.  Odie, the dogs, and I have been enjoying walks on these nice roads.  I'm looking forward to getting my bicycle ready for taking the dogs for some runs!  Our camper sits just off center of the end of this road close to where I'm standing to take this picture.
Here is our lot. Behind the camper is a pasture that had 3 horses in it when we first arrived.  Our furry crew sure were curious about them, and I was, too.  We're allowed to feed them apples and celery.  The owners switch them between this pasture and another, so they'll be back.
This is the pecan orchard that the R.V. park is in.  It's beautiful the way the sun comes through the trees different times of day.  Deer are milling around in the orchard throughout the day, but primarily early in the morning and early evening.  The furry crew was fascinated and a bit intimidated by these unknown animals running about in the dim light!  Now the deer are accepted, as just part of our new surroundings.  We have a nice view out our windows while sitting at the table.
These are pecans.  Aren't the outter shells interesting?
The owners feed the local Axis deer, and have a population of about 20 females with a buck.  There is a mother Whitetail deer with twin fawns that stay near the herd.  They are not fenced in.
This is the rec. hall for rally groups.
The interior is super cute, with a western town theme! There is a nice big kitchen.
This is the clubhouse for park residents.  So far there don't seem to be a lot of planned activities, but I have a feeling that picks-up as the Winter Texans arrive.
This is the clubhouse entry.
Beautiful kitchen!
Dining area.
Laundry room.  I think the clothespins with the individual pieces of cloth hanging from them make a cute valance for a laundry room!  This laundry room must just be for a quick load while at the rec. hall.  There is another laundry room with approximately 6 washers and 6 dryers.
Book exchange library!
Billiard room!
Garden and pool area.
This is an overlook in back of the clubhouse.  It gives a good idea of how green and wooded this area is!  We were told we could take the dogs off their leashes to play down by the creek on this island.  The creek is shallow enough in some areas to wade across. 
There are several large catfish swimming below the observation deck.   This picture was taken from quite high above the creek.
The park even has a little chapel!
It's actually pretty big inside.  The park owners would like to get a retired minister to hold services.
This is the park's access to the creek.  You can see the creek is shallow in this area.  Some hot day we'll have to venture into the water and explore the island.  Life is good!