Friday, September 28, 2012

Kerrville, Texas

Kerrville is a pleasant community with a population that is a little over 22,000.  It is laid out along a few main business strips, one of which adjoins the small communities of Ingram and Hunt.  Old, new, and historic buildings blend seamlessly.  Kerrville is considered the heart of hill country.  Its advertising states that it is a small community with a big city feel!  It truly has that feel!  It is very active in the arts, with numerous galleries and an indoor and outdoor theater for plays!  The statue pictured is in Kerrville at The Museum of Western Art.  The community has stores and a medical center that one would usually only associate with larger cities.  It is home to Schreiner University.  Kerrville has an upscale feel, but also feels pleasantly rural.  The area is amazingly lush and green with the Guadalupe River running through the center of town.  With the exception of seeing cacti interspersed with the deciduous greenery, it is easy to imagine being in a state other than Texas.  I often found myself comparing it to the Catskills of New York.  We found the flora of the area interesting, as just 70 miles away in Johnson City the ground cover is more that of high desert.  Kerrville has a central location to other communities of interest.  It is only 20 miles from the very tourist oriented community of Fredericksburg, and 60 miles from San Antonio.  Our planned one month stay turned into two months, and we left looking forward to returning someday!