Monday, June 10, 2013

Cloudcroft, NM

Cloudcroft is located 17 miles from Alamogordo in the Sacramento Mountains.  Alamogordo is at an elevation of 4,350 feet and Cloudcroft is at 8,663 feet! 
Here is a beautiful view looking back toward Alamogordo!  Check out the white sands along the mountains in the distance! 
This is the same valley looking the opposite direction.  According to an informational sign the overhang of this south facing cliff created a prehistoric shelter for nomadic tribes.  Many artifacts have been discovered in what is called the Fresnal Shelter. 
Cloudcroft is a four season resort!  There is downhill skiing, an outdoor ice skating rink, a golf course, and hiking trails.  The average July-August temperature is 70 degrees. 
There are lots of rental cabins ranging from rustic to the fancy!
There is an upscale lodge simply called The Lodge.  We enjoyed our day trip to Cloudcroft!