Thursday, June 27, 2013

On The Road With Odie

Odie, our beloved orange cat, is announcing that he will now have his very own Facebook page called, On The Road With Odie.  During our travels, Odie makes true friends with people everywhere he goes.  His friends are always sad to see him leave, and want to stay in touch with him.  Roy and I have joked for some time now that Odie’s friends will one day be reminiscing with each other and say something like, “Remember those people that had that orange cat?  What were their names?  I don’t remember their names, but I wonder how Odie is doing?”  It’s okay!  We understand!  He is very lovable!  His enthusiasm for life is addictive!  His cute waddle and social interaction makes him that much more of a fascination.  He’s not a cat!  He leaves no doubt in whoever he meets that he is truly a fur person!  Odie invites our Internet friends to get to know him and enjoy his adventures through his Facebook page, On The Road With Odie!