Saturday, November 16, 2013

Benini Sculpture Ranch

We decided to make a return trip to the Benini Sculpture Ranch, which is just a short drive outside of Johnson City, Texas.  It has been a little over 2 years since we last visited.  The ranch has a road winding through 140 acres, with sculptures from international artists on display along the way!  Below is just a sampling.
This appears to be an angelic figure made of scrap metal.
I love the effect the outside display brings to the sculptures!  I said that the last time we were here, too!
The prior sculpture and this one appear to be made through casting.  
This is the art gallery looking toward the back. 
This technique is called paint layering.      
There were several ethereal figures on display created by Benini using aluminum and pigments.  Enlarge the picture to check them out.  The roses on the wall are on flat canvases.
One of Benini's specialties is creating perspective on a flat canvas.  Standing right in front of a painting like this you have to touch it to believe that it is really flat!
More interesting paint layering and another fascinating ghostly figure!
Here is more paint layering! 
I admire the artistic skill it takes to bring life to these abstract figures!
This is a view of the gallery from the back looking toward the front.  I'm glad we visited, as it may be our last to see it here in Texas.  The ranch is for sale!  Benini is wanting to relocate to Prescott, Arizona.  Look for his gallery or sculpture ranch there sometime in the future.