Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Exotic Zoo Resort Revisited

The last time we stayed in the Johnson City, Texas area we visited the Exotic Zoo Resort located on Highway 281 between Johnson City and Marble Falls.  Since visiting the first time we've wanted to visit again!  
We did this tour with a group from Miller Creek RV Resort.  Pictured are our friends Fran and Ron.  That's Roy in back.  Fran and this camel seemed to have a special relationship!  Maybe the nearly full bucket of feed and generous handouts had something to do with it! 
The Exotic Zoo Resort is 137 acres and is reported to have around 500 animals!  If you'd like to stay awhile amongst the animals, the resort has nice cabin rentals.  Free trolley rides through the property go with the cabin rentals! 
I find the ostriches to be beautiful, obviously strong, and a bird to be wary of at close range! 
These are very handsome creatures!  They appear to be some type of bighorn sheep.
Here is Roy about to feed the Buffalo.  With the buffalo's long tongue wiggling about wanting to gather food, it's best just to pour some in his open mouth!  Fran is next to Roy and Ron is at the end of the trolley.  A great time was had by all!  The Exotic Zoo Resort is a great place to visit!  Check out their website:   http://www.zooexotics.com/