Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ice Storm

Monday we awoke in the camper to the sound of a downpour of sleet. While loving the sound of the pounding ice storm, we were sad at what it mean't for our continuing to stay in the camper. We've turned on the heat and are comfy, but will have to move back into the house soon. Yesterday was a morning of heavy frost. Charles moved back into the house as he typically would remain in the camper throughout the day. The rest of us are holding out for as long as we can, but Roy will have to Winterize the camper soon. Yesterday I felt a sadness at this set-back, but have to stay positive that we will make our escape from Winter and begin our adventure. Should our camper life be postponed, we'll get to enjoy another year here with our friends and be closer to their being able to join us on the road.

Roy is nearly done with the bathroom project. I have been freshening up the paint in various rooms. I've done the t.v. room and kitchen. Today I'll do the main bathroom. I'm eyeing the hallway for a new color. We should be ready by next week to really promote the house. If Friday or Saturday permits, one more yard sale will be held, otherwise, it's time to pack it all up and haul it away. We're keeping our chins up and hoping the house will sell, otherwise, it's back to reconsidering our options. It's good to have options!