Sunday, October 11, 2009

Travels With Charley

We just completed the classic, "Travels With Charley" by John Steinbeck. It wasn't about the enthusiasm of travel, and the inspiration he found in beautiful places, as we were expecting; but still interesting. He spoke more of people he met and grumbled about many things he saw. He writes in a way that produces vivid images, but also at times is almost incomprehensible. To sum up his findings, on page 207 he says: "I discovered long ago in collecting and classifying marine animals that what I found was closely intermeshed with how I felt at the moment. External reality has a way of being not so external after all. This monster of a land, this mightiest of nations, this spawn of the future, turns out to be the macrocosm of microcosm me." Back to reading about the modern RVing life in our current book, "Complete Guide to Full-Time RVing (Life on the Open Road)" by Bill and Jan Moeller. It's off to a good start!