Friday, October 2, 2009


It seems with the arrival of October the weather has decided to instantly crash into the 40s and 50s instead of making a gradual decline from the beautiful late September weather we were having. Today for what I think will be our final yard sale, the temperature was 47 degrees! A person stopping by said snow is predicted for next week!!!

A very neat thing happened today at our yard sale. A lady who fosters Sudanese children stopped in. She is connected with an organization that helps Sudanese families get established in America. After talking with her awhile, we decided to donate our yard sale household goods to help these families. She will take it to Grand Rapids, MI to distribute. She will also be taking lots of Christmas decorations for her church. I felt like I should have paid her for helping us clear out a lot of our remaining items. She was extremely thrilled, and what a wonderful feeling for us to have our things go to help others!

This afternoon I worked on organizing the camper, and tomorrow we will move in! With the animals moved out of the house, I'll begin scrubbing carpets. We might just make it out of here before the snow gets too deep!