Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Closer to Our Launch

Although it may still be a couple of months until the official launch of our move, we feel like we're actually going to make it happen! We had another yard sale today, and we'll do it again Saturday. Today went very well! We feel that the stuff is getting sufficiently diminished, and we are starting to think of taking the remaining things to the Salvation Army. We'll have another yard sale or two first. I rearranged the stuff on the tables today to focus on Christmas decorations, games, and Winter items. It was sweatshirt weather and nippy enough to put people in the mood to think about preparing for Winter.

Roy has been very busy with the camper, house, and yard. He has revamped the bedroom of the camper to accomodate a king sized mattress. Wow! That's nice. The kitties are out of the camper, and up for adoption at the shelter. I'll start officially moving us into the camper this week. We'll finalize moving everyone and the things we'll be taking with us out of the house. We'll just use the house for shower facilities. Cooking and sleeping will be in the camper. Moving into the camper is a major step forward! We'll finish up the interior primping of the house, and then be ready to get the realtor to move our listing and showings to full speed ahead!
We're reading another travel book, but more on that later!