Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adventure In Print

We're reading up on our great adventure into the world of RVing. An excellent book called RVers "How Do They Live Like That?" was recommended to us. After completing it, I would say it is a must-read for anyone contemplating the lifestyle! I'd also recommend it to those who want to understand why anyone would live like that. Beyond the RV information, the book talks a lot about dealing with the challenges of aging. Yea, Roy and I are in our 50's and what I've heard called the "youth of old age". My brother (age 60) has come to the conclusion that if he's blessed he has about as many good years left as he has fingers and toes! That's a good way of looking at life at this age. So, a big adventure it is!!! We've ordered a few more books. We'll report on them as we get them read.